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I won’t always say what you want
Ain’t afraid to tell you you’re wrong
And if I ever make you cry
Just know
I’ll try

There’ll be times when I’m late
But I’ll admit my own mistakes
And if you’re ever asking why
Just know
I’ll try

To be the man you always run to
The only one who makes your heart beat true
I won’t ever give up the fight
For you
I’ll try

I may forget a time or two
But I’ll always tell the truth
And if you think I’m not that guy
Just know
I’ll try

I may be on the road a while
Do anything just to make you smile
There’s miles between your heart and mine
Just know
I’ll try

All the stars seem to have aligned
I could be wrong but this feels so right
I swear this love won’t ever die
For you
Baby, I’ll try