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Dream Come True

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Baby turn the lights down low and let me free your mind
I’ll kiss you nice and slow cause I know that you’re all mine
Baby close your eyes and put your lips on mine
And we’ll pretend it’s our first time
Don’t you see

I wanna be the guy that’s always on your mind
And believe me honey, I ain’t the cheating kind
I can take you to places you’ve never been
Try a few things some call sin
And I’ll hold you close
Oh so close

So close to me I’ll whisper how you make me feel
Put my hand on your chest just to know this feelings real
When I wake up you’ll be the first thing I see
Yea I’ll just smile and pull you close to me
Baby think it through
Yea you might be my dream come true

Yea we can slow this down if it’s too much for you
But your kind eyes they speak the truth
Baby think it through
You might be my dream come true
My dream come true yea